Shipping Information

    PROMSTO delivers products using its own fleet, so our customers do not need to negotiate with third-party transport or postal organizations. Finished products are transported by the company's drivers in compliance with the necessary safety standards, which guarantees the safety of the appearance and integrity of the structures. 

      PROMSTO employees carefully treat all manufactured products from the moment of their manufacture to the moment of installation. Our customers can be sure that PROMSTO employees will carefully handle all products at the following stages: 

          • production and assembly; 
            • movement in production; 
              • loading on the transport of the enterprise; 
                • shipping; 
                  • direct delivery to the object; 
                    • assembly work. 

                    Terms and cost of delivery are negotiated with each customer individually. The final price and delivery dates will depend on the quantity of products transported and the place where the finished products need to be delivered. The transportation procedure consists of the following stages: 

                        • coordination of the place, terms and final cost of delivery; 
                          • obtaining confirmation from the customer that he is ready to accept the products (carries out immediately before leaving the facility); 
                          • transportation to the facility with subsequent installation work. 

                            The PROMSTO team always makes sure that the delivery is carried out within the agreed time frame and with the utmost care. On the road, our drivers adhere to the rules of the road with special responsibility, monitor a moderate speed limit and exercise extreme care when driving through areas with difficult road surfaces. 

                              The professionalism and experience of our employees will save you from worrying about the products you ordered. And we are not saying that you should take our word for it. In any case, you can make sure the integrity and safety of the products you ordered. When accepting structures, you inspect their appearance, you can be present during the installation work and sign the work acceptance certificate only if everything suits you.