Glass partitions are the best modern solution for dividing office space. The use of mobile glass structures is convenient and safe. With their help, you can quickly implement zoning for solving specific problems. Glass partitions are environmentally friendly and have excellent aesthetic properties. They are elegant, fill the room with an atmosphere of freshness and spaciousness. They will become a spectacular addition to the interior, emphasize its individuality.

Advantages of PROMSTO partitions:

  • the absence of frames will create the effect of complete transparency;
  • thick glass is absolutely safe to use;
  • elegant design;
  • ease of installation.

Tinted glass PROMSTO

The manufacturer is the world leader in glass production. He gives us the maximum that can be achieved with this incredible material. From iconic architectural designs that push the boundaries of glass technology to the development of some of the most energy efficient environments for home, work and retail.

  • tinted glass with protection from prying eyes;
  • antiglare effect;
  • sun protection;
  • high energy efficiency and heat saving;
  • excellent thermal insulation of premises to save energy resources;
  • high resistance to impacts and even explosions.

The price per square meter includes:

  1. measurements
  2. project documentation
  3. production
  4. delivery

*The price on the site is not fixed and may vary depending on the complexity of delivery and exchange rate changes during the month. The final cost is provided after measurement and consultation.

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Sliding tinted glass partition

  • Product Code: RTR
  • Installation time (in weeks): 1
  • 14 022 ₴/m²
  • 13 300 ₴


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